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CARE Pakistan

170,000 in CARE schools today.

Help us get to one-million. CARE provides free education to over 170,000 children in 247 schools across Pakistan. Our schools achieve exceptional academic performance. In fact, our schools achieve similar academic results to private education but with no costs to the students. CARE students go on to become doctors, lawyers, engineers and, of course, teachers. Many of our current teachers are CARE graduates themselves.

Million Child Mission

170k children today. Goal: 1M

50% of top 10 students matriculate
87% total matriculation rate

87% matriculation rate
2,210 teachers employed
165,000 children educated for free
247 schools across Pakistan
1,276 graduated with an A grade
50% of students in top 10 matriculate

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Text CPUK10 followed by the amount you would like to donate, to 70070 to donate to CARE Pakistan and make a difference... 
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